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La prévention par les jeunes pour les jeunes


Avenir Santé is a dynamic French non-profit organization which prevents, among young people, some of the most health risky behaviors, in a very global and positive approach.

The activity of the association covers the following fields :

• Youth and Education : in 2013, the association implements the European Night Without Accident (http://www.europeannightwithoutacci...), an European project coordonated by RYD which aims to remind revelers, thanks to the presence of volunteers in nightclubs and festive places, that driving and alcohol are not compatible.

• Justice : Avenir Santé works on alcohol and other drug addictions. Within this framework, the association participates and coordinates the City-Zen project (www.cityzen-europe.eu). The objective is to prevent street violence and related lifestyle issues, mainly due to alcohol and other drug abuses.

• Transport : Avenir Santé works on the road safety field. Recently we started to work on Mercurio (www.mercurio-project.eu). This project aims to analyze the road injuries management system in Europe, with regard to the social and economic impact of emergencies and post-injuries services on national finances and households).

• Health : Avenir Santé works on drug addictions and AIDS/STDs. The association was a partner in the implementation of the Heroes project. This project was about to exchange information about working methodologies and good practices in prevention, and develop a cross-fertilization approach on two or more themes (ex : road safety, drugs, AIDS…).


For further information, do not hesitate to contact us : pauline@avenir-sante.com (European project manager).